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Australian Indigenous Culture

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There is Nothing Like the Melodic Sounds of an Aborigine Playing the Didgeridoo in Australia!

Australia’s Aborigines were the only ones with a written language allowing them to trace their ancestors back over 50,000 years.  As the land was colonized, conflict ensued, yet now all Aussies live in peace and the Government has begun returning their Aborigine land to the original tribal owners.  Unable to return to a Hunter-Gatherer way of life, not to mention everyone enjoys a soft bed and roof over their heads now, Aborigines have Cultural Centers inviting tourists to learn about their ancient culture which is different from tribe to tribe.

Aboriginal Tourism Experiences vary from elaborate performances with a complete overall educational experience, such as Tjapukai in Cairns Queensland, to actually visiting an Aborigine village to learn of their lifestyle.  With opportunities in every State and Territory, they all demonstrate their ancient dances and Didgeridoo music for all who are interested.  This is just one of the types of experiences you can have when you travel to Australia.


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