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Outback Experience at Devils Marbles Northern Territory

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There are multiple definitions for the Aussie term Outback which is primarily associated with the center of the country, nicknamed the The Red Center due to the ground color and ancient rock formations dating back millions of years.  The most famous is the world’s largest monolith, Ayers Rock, known as Uluru by the Aborigines.  You can camp out under the stars, stay in a 5 star luxury tent at Longitude 131 including all meals and area tours, or any number of accommodation types in between.  A truly exceptional Outback stay is a night or two at Kings Canyon Wilderness Luxury Tents including Air Conditioning & private bath.  The evenings are spent by a camp fire enjoying an Authentic Aussie BBQ sharing stories of the day’s adventure.

Another Outback experience is the Aussie Cowboys: the cattle ranchers and the miners.  Get out and see the Bush with its unique flora, fauna and desert wildlife.  Each Outback encounter, available in every state and territory, offers its own unique Experience of Australia.



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