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South Australia is a hidden gem with all of the country’s experiences in one state.  The outback is Wilipenia Pound.  Kangaroo Island has the most animals, living in the wild, per square mile than anywhere else in Australia.  Snorkel with Leafy Sea Dragons (found nowhere else in the world), swim with dolphins, or cage dive with great white sharks in the Southern Ocean.  The state capital of Adelaide is the City of Churches and a university town built around parklands having pedesterian only streets and sidewalk cafes.  Foodies and Wine Lovers are the primary tourists due to the mediterranean climate providing a perfect environment for agriculture.  Dining is always fresh ingredients and 75 percent of the country’s wine is exported from South Australia.  After traveling to the Galapagos Islands and Kangaroo Island, it is true, they are very comparable with a version of post office bay and seal lions, yet Kangaroo Island is better because you get to spend more time with the wildlife on the island.  I have toured the entire state, let me help you plan your perfect route to visit what you want to see in South Australia.

5 Perfect Things to Do Kangaroo Island The Flinders Ranges Adelaide City Free Bus

South Australia Wine Regions


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